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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Rock Star has the solution for your dirty grout & tile, and can make your kitchen and bathrooms sparkle after a deep tile and grout cleaning.  Years of cooking, scrubbing and staining can make your tile and grout appear older and more worn than it really is.  Is your dirty grout bringing you down?  Yes, cleaning tile and grout, as well as other hard to clean surfaces in your home is a hassle. They get dirty, stained and bring, not only the look of your room, but also YOU down. Bring the vibrancy and clean back to ALL your dirty grout.  Rock Star’s tile and grout cleaning service will tackle the toughest job, especially YOUR house!  The dirt trapped in the pores of grout are almost impossible to get out with just a brush and a sponge. Let our 5 Step Pressurized Steam Cleaning process restore your tile and grout to its previous beautiful appearance.  We guarantee to remove all those awful contaminants and leave your tile and grout sparkling clean!

Our 5-Step Process for Cleaning Ceramic/Porcelain Tile and Grout

Step 1:  First a high alkaline cleaning solution specifically designed for tile and grout is applied to your floor.  This solution is allowed to dwell for 15-20 minutes to start dissolving the dirt, grime, grease and other contaminates from your tile and grout surface.

Step 2:  Next we use a specially designed hard surface tool to agitate your grout lines.  This agitation step is the “elbow grease” necessary to insure that your grout lines get cleaned to their fullest extent possible.

Step 3:  Rock Star Restoration then uses a powerful Truck Mounted Pressurized Steam Cleaning Process, coupled with a hard surface tool specifically designed for tile and grout.   Our Pressurized Steam Cleaning System emulsifies all the dirt, grime, mold and old cleaning residues and extracts them from deep within the pores of your grout and tile surface.

Step 4:  Involves a detailed hand cleaning of the edges of the floor and other hard to reach areas resulting in a beautiful, clean floor!

Step 5:  We then apply a High Quality Clear Impregnating Sealer to your grout to assist in cleaning and help protect it from staining in the near future.

Grout Color Sealing

If you want to give your floors a dramatically new look, ask about our Grout Color Sealing service.  We can lighten, darken, or change your grout to an entirely different color, giving your floor a fresh, new, uniform look. Compared to regular grout sealing, having your grout color sealed forms a much more protective barrier against dirt and stains, making your regular cleaning routine easier and more effective.

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