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The process in which a high-quality impregnating sealant is applied to the surface of the stone.  Think of sealing as Scotchguard® for your stone floors. It doesn't keep the floor from getting dirty, but it does help prevent against non-acidic and oil-based stains and makes the floor easier to clean.

Note: Sealing will not protect against acid etchings or scratches.

Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, and Onyx

For Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite and Onyx, impregnating sealers are used for both interior and exterior applications.  An impregnating sealer is designed to penetrate into the surface of the stone. Penetrating sealers work by restricting the absorption of water, oil and dirt from within the stone.  No sealer is left on the surface. Properly applied, a high-quality impregnating sealer will not affect the texture or the appearance of the stone.

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Deep Cleaning/Sealing

Deep Cleaning:

Pressurized Steam Cleaning is an excellent way to maintain the look of a honed stone surface, such as Tumbled Travertine or Honed Limestone.  The Pressurized Steam Cleaning process, combined with special chemicals, dwell time and pre-scrubbing of grout lines, is made specifically for cleaning natural stone floors. Our Professional High Pressure water extraction equipment deep cleans and removes dirt without damaging the stone.  The key is the high vacuum lift which pulls the dirt out of the pores of the stone tile and grout. 

My Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning System is more powerful than most all other units out there.  Where as  most other cleaning companies have systems with heat exchange units, my Kerosene Heater delivers continuous boiling water which removes grease and other soiling embedded into the pores of the travertine surface.  The pictures below demonstrate the effectiveness of this powerful system!  No abrasive polishing compounds, diamonds, or grits are used. While deep scratches and marks will not be removed in the cleaning process, ground-in dirt and other unsightly stains usually come out well. 

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