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Natural Stone Restoration of travertine and marble floors in Newport Beach and All of Orange County!

Natural Stone Restoration

You might ask, “What has happened to my floor and countertops?”

Well, calcium carbonate based stones, such as travertine, marble and limestone eventually show wear over time.  Normal traffic, usage and improper cleaning procedures cause the stone to lose its luster.  Scratches: Grit carried on shoes is abrasive to the surface of the stone, much like sandpaper.  Sliding items across a natural stone floor can result in deep scratches.  Acids:  Any liquid of an acidic nature will etch the surface of your stone.  

“Can you make my floor and countertops look new again?”

Yes we can!!  We are one of the few companies in our area that specializes in the use of diamond abrasives. We can fully restore your stone surfaces!  The use of diamonds in the grinding, honing and polishing phases of restoration will give you better clarity and more reflection after powder polishing.

Please notice the Before and After sequences below which exemplify the restorative results YOUR floors and countertops can achieve with my services!  These are only a beginning example of the services we offer.  Please refer to the pages abovefor other types of projects we've completed.