Marble Countertops and Vanities

For many years, Marble has been a popular choice for bathroom vanities due to its beauty and uniqueness that Granite can't match.  Some people can't resist installing it in their kitchens.  But marble counter surfaces eventually give way to acidic etching from everyday makeup products in the powder room or beverages, including citrus or other acidic foods and liquids in the kitchen.   When you decide you want your beautiful marble countertops back, it's time to call Kent at Rock Star.  Kent has the skills, patience and special equipment to restore your marble back to new again. 

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a great, practical choice for everyday cooking and activities.  Generally, they will perform well for years!  But eventually, they can get a bit worn and the surfaces build up with oils, soaps and calcium deposits which are detrimental to their appearance.

Have your granite countertops lost their luster?  We will meticulously clean all deep soiling and remove unsightly deposits, then machine polish and seal your countertops to perfection! Kent also does crack repairs and is well capable of performing "uneven seam" repairs.  This involves a special kind of granite grinding, honing and polishing diamonds which produce a seam you can hardly feel!  It's a special skill that only certain Stone Restoration Specialists can perform. 

It's not common, but if you have a granite that darkens with moisture present, you should have it sealed with a High Quality Impregnating Sealer to help prevent it from absorbing water and oil-based liquids.

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